National Institute of Mental Health  1.866.615.6464  Provides information on mental health, treatment, research and various other links.

National Alliance to Mental Illness  1.800.950.NAMI  NAMI offers support for families, caregivers, persons suffering from mental illness and families with children and adolescents suffering from mental illness. Free educational programs are available on understanding and coping with mental illness.
Collin County  214.908.6264
    Dallas County 214.341.7133  
The Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse  800.246.HOPE (4673)  Multiple programs related to drug and alcohol abuse. 
The Twelfth Step Ministry   214.265.7192  Provides information on any type of support group available-where and when the meeting is at. 
Suicide Crisis Hotline  1.800.273.TALK  Crisis line for yourself or someone that you care about who may be experiencing a crisis or suicidal thoughts that is free and confidential, networked with more than 150 crisis centers nationwide and available 24/7. 
Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas  214.828.1000  24/7 crisis line, survivors of suicide support group, crisis intervention trainings, and teens can survive program. 
 I AM HERE  972.744.9798  They provide help, education, resources and encouragement.  They are a coalition for teen and young adult mental health. 
 ADAPT Mobile Crisis  866.260.8000  Teams of highly-trained mental health professionals provide crisis assessment and intervention services in both rural and urban settings. This service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, in the Dallas, Texas area in a 7-county area commonly referred to as NorthSTAR (a managed care behavioral health program for residents of Collin, Dallas, Ellis, Hunt, Kaufman, Navarro and Rockwall counties). 
PFLAG  Parents of Families of Lesbians and Gays  972-777-3524

Youth First Resource Center-Center for LGBTQ youth  1-866-657-2437
Runaway Hotline  1.888.580.4357 

Domestic Violence Hotline and Area Resources 800.799.SAFE  Links to multiple shelters in Dallas, how to get a protective order, a domestic violence safety plan and much more. 
Information and Referral  (211)  Connect people in need with human services.